2009 mini cooper rough idle when warm

2009 mini cooper rough idle when warm

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If the tailpipe extension is hot during inadvertent contact, a burn could occur. Correction: Dealers will replace the tailpipe with a new shorter tailpipe free of charge. the recall is expected to begin during january 2009. owners may contact bmw at 1-866-275-6464. Notes: I owned (6) stock 850 Minis, two 1962 Austin 850 Mini Countryman Woody Wagons, two 1966 Austin Mokes, a 1963 Austin 850 Saloon, and an (AUS) 1966 Morris Mini Deluxe. All six had their original Factory radiators.

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Mar 05, 2015 · Hi all I have been having a problem with a r56 mini one 1.4 fault code 2845 VANOS ACTUATOR MOVEMENT, OR P0015 ON P CODES. FOUND THE PROBLEM TODAY and if you have the same ie start up engine lumpy for a while 10. 20 seconds then suddenly seems ok. Misfire in two cylinders on my 2009 mini cooper s

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This video shows the problem. Visit www.insourcelife.com/diagnosing-rpm-idle-issues-in-a-mini-cooper for a DIY solution. 2009 Mini Cooper base hatchback. R...

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