Binary to bcd conversion verilog code

Binary to bcd conversion verilog code

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I have now optimized the code of my previous posting to save some bus cycles. The attached assembly code now seems to require slightly less than 4000 cycles maximum to execute It looks like this algorithm should do a binary-to-BCD conversion on a 24 bit number in between 500 and 600 cycles.

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In the first conversion, the MSB of the binary code is constantly equivalent to the MSB of the particular binary code. Additional bits of the binary code’s output can get using the EX-OR logic gate concept by verifying gray codes at that present index. Verilog operators operate on several data types to produce an output Not all Verilog operators are synthesible (can produce gates) Some operators are similar to those in the C language Remember, you are making gates, not an algorithm (in most cases). Verilog - Operators.See full list on

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Problem Statement: Design a combinational logic circuit to generate odd parity for the BCD code; a logic circuit that will generate the odd parity bit for any 4-bit combination of the BCD code. Implement it using (i) {AND, OR, NOT} and (iii) using only NAND gates. What is BCD code? Binary Coded Decimal. Bcd to decimal converter. World's simplest binary tool. Just load your BCD values and they will automatically get converted to decimal values. There are no ads, popups or nonsense, just an awesome BCD number to decimal number converter.

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