Cannot remove is a directory

Cannot remove is a directory

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Sep 29, 2020 · When the Delete folder dialogue box appears, press OK; Re-open the Microsoft Outlook client and check whether the folder is truly deleted or not; There you go, we hope that you found our solutions helpful. If you did, feel free to let us know by leaving a comment below.

Dec 29, 2020 · shutil.rmtree() is used to delete an entire directory tree, path must point to a directory (but not a symbolic link to a directory). Syntax: shutil.rmtree(path, ignore_errors=False, onerror=None) Parameters:

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Recently a DBA asked me to delete a directory which was residing in a directory tree mounted under an NFS file system. In this article we showed why you might receive a "Cannot remove directory File exists" error while trying to remove a directory and how to fix it.Delete or Hide the Clutter folder I’ve been trying out the Clutter feature over the past weeks but I decided that it is not really helpful to me. I already move many of my emails by rules and I can handle the remaining emails that end up in my Inbox folder so needing to check a second folder sometimes is actually more annoying. Location: Budel - the Netherlands. Posts: 3,605. It is not a bash script, it is a ksh script. Do you have a 'ksh' in /bin? Whoops, I meant it was a ksh script, sorry, a bit used to bash scripting.

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i disconnected the user mailbox and archive removed them from exchange using the shell command. now when i try to delete the user from the ad is says i dont have permission. on the ou i removed the protect object would this be a problem as there are 3 devices in the folder and cannot delete them.

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