Secondary air injection pump toyota tundra

Secondary air injection pump toyota tundra

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SOURCE: secondary air injection system. This is a pump that sits underneath your front bumper on the passenger side. It is about the size of a baseball and has two hoses going into it. I would suggest you replace it yourself as it would cost you about $360.00 if you were to go through the dealer. Hewitt-Tech Secondary Air Pump Valve Bypass Kits. These kits offer a cost effective solution for the failure prone Secondary Air Injection Systems found on certain Toyota truck and SUVs. The bypass kit can prevent many of the trouble codes caused by a mechanical failure of the secondary air pump or a secondary air valve saving ...

Secondary air injection pump with water intrusion. Major design error by Toyota. Total cost $2500-$4000 not covered by extended warranty. see: Update: had repair done at some point in 2011. 253000 mi US $2000 Dec 17, 2019 · Secondary Air Injection System. All we have to do is introduce some oxygen than any unburned fuel will ignite. The air injection smog pump pushes air into the exhaust system right after the exhaust manifold. Therefore, helping intercept and burn those unburned fuels. The system is critical to help engines achieve government emissions standards.

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A failed air injection pump or secondary air pump will often have no noticeable symptoms beyond a check engine light, but it does cause your Toyota Tundra to operate inefficiently and produce higher emissions. Our technicians have access to manufacturer-approved repair processes and Toyota genuine parts.

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A Toyota Tundra Air Pump Replacement costs between $1,098 and $1,195 on average. Get a free detailed estimate for a repair in your area. ... However, it may fail an emissions inspection and the Check Engine Light may illuminate with a code set for the secondary air injection system. An abnormal noise may be noted from a failing air pump.The secondary air can be supplied actively or passively. In the passive system, fluctuations in pressure in the exhaust system are utilised. Additional air is drawn in via a timed valve due to the vacuum created through the flow speed in the exhaust pipe. In an active system, the secondary air is blown in by a pump. This system allows better ...

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