Sumproduct multiple criteria lookup

Sumproduct multiple criteria lookup

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Step by step explanations on how to develop SUMPRODUCT formulas. Discover SUMPRODUCT as "lookup" with many criteria, SUMPRODUCT with other functions like MONTH, YEAR, RIGHT and more. Open "excel-sumproduct.xls " Multiple-criteria lookup using INDEX-MATCH as an array formula. {Ctrl+Shift+Enter} =INDEX(result_range,MATCH(value1 & value2 8) Lookups with Multiple Non-Exact Criteria Using INDEX-MATCH. When you want to use logical conditions such as A > B or A < B in your lookup, a...

Vlookup value with multiple criteria with SUMPRODUCT function With the SUMPRODUCT function, you can also solve this task. Please enter this formula: =SUMPRODUCT((A2:A10=G2)*(B2:B10=G3)*(D2:D10)) into a blank cell you specified, and tap the Enter key to return the result, see screenshot:

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Go to the first part of this tutorial where I have given the link to learn Sumproduct. On that tutorial jump to the subheading “Complex Use of SUMPRODUCT Function in Google Sheets” where I detailed the multiple criteria usage in same fields in Sumproduct. Enjoyed the above criteria tips? Please do post in the comments. Related Reading: 1.

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Jan 02, 2012 · However Sumproduct can be extended even further through use 2D Ranges together with carefully constructed queries. The examples below are included in the Example File, Excel 2003 Example File. Scenario 1: Lookup a value within a 2D Range matching 2 criteria. You have a table of Dates and Fruit Sold and Number Sold each Day

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